Briefly introduced: The TEA5767 FM stereo radio chip on an inexpensive breakout board

With the TEA5767 chip from Philips, especially the mini breakout board presented here, you can build – together with an Arduino or similar microcontroller environments – a small, via the I ² C interface programmable, stereo FM radio. In a similar design you can find the module in many mobile phones.

TEA5767 FM stereo radio breakout board

TEA5767 FM stereo radio breakout board


  • FM stereo radio chip TEA5767 from Philips
  • Frequencies: 76-108 MHz (covering European, American and Japanese FM band)
  • PLL synthesizer tuner
  • controlled via I²C or 3-wire interface
  • 3.3V power supply

Project with the TEA5767:

  • Mini breadboard and soldering project 80% complete, please take a look again later.


eBay: TEA5767
Amazon: TEA5767