Briefly introduced: The air pressure sensor BMP085 (GY-65 breakout board) with an additional temperature sensor

The GY-65 is a simple breakout board for Bosch BMP085 barometric pressure sensor with integrated temperature measurement. The values ​​can be a simple used for weather forecast, more precise (GPS) navigation (level measurement, as well as vertical climb and descent).

BMP085 breakout board (GY-65) air pressure and temperature sensor

BMP085 breakout board (GY-65) air pressure and temperature sensor


  • Bosch BMP085 pressure sensor with additional built-in temperature sensor
  • 300 – 1100 hPa (-500m to 9000m altitude)
  • Resolution up to 0.03 hPa (0.25 m)
  • Temperature measurements from 0 – 65 ° C
  • Temperature compensation
  • Response time measurement: 7.5 ms
  • I²C interface
  • 5V power supply with a 3.3V voltage regulator on the breakout board
  • Dimensions: 21mm x 16mm
  • Arduino library available

Attention, there are several other breakout boards on the market that do not have an integrated voltage regulator, then they must be operated at 3.3 V.

Projects with the GY-65 (BMP085):


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