Briefly introduced: Breadboard power supply module

For experimenting with more external modules and the Arduino, it’s recommended to use an external power source. Also modules with 3.3V or 5V can quickly become confusing on the workplace. A solution could be this module, which can be directly plugged onto the breadboard.

Breadboard-Spannungsversorgung (Power Supply Module)

Breadboard-Spannungsversorgung (Power Supply Module)

The presented module from YwRobot has the possibility to provide two different voltages on the two supply lines of the breadboard as needed.

However, you should be careful about on which side of the breadboard the module been attached. Check that is minus (-) really is on the blue line and plus (+) on the red line, otherwise it may cause the circuit arrangement evil confusing!


  • jumper adjustable output voltage: 3.3V and / or 5V DC – directly on the breadboard
  • additional: 2x 3.3V and 2x 5V plug connections on top
  • USB connector
  • power supply connector (input voltage 6.5V – 12V DC, already tested with 6V)
  • maximum output current: 700mA
  • status LED
  • on/off switch
  • suitable breadboard types: MB-102, ZY-60
  • dimensions: 52mm x 34mm

Please note that this module is not suitable for all types of breadboards, please the look at the picture or check the types!


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