Briefly introduced: Digital (individually addressable) RGB LED strip based on the WS2811 controller and the 5050 LED

The presented RGB Strip is equipped compared to “normal” strips with the property of being able to control each LED individually, which means that not only one color can be displayed simultaneously on the strip, but even complete color transitions at the same time.

Digital RGB 5050 LED strip with WS2811 controller (WS2812)

Digital RGB 5050 LED strip with WS2811 controller (WS2812)


  • Strip with RGB LEDs type 5050 with built-WS2811 controller
  • up to 1024 LEDs each individual controlled
  • each LED has per color channel (red, green, blue) – thanks to the controller – an 8-bit PWM register, which can take 256 values​​::
    256 brightness levels to match 3 color channels 16.7 million possible colors per LED
  • 1-wire interface for controlling (through shift register function) with 800 kbps data transfer rate
  • 5V power supply
  • Power consumption max. 60mA per LED (3 x 20mA)
  • different lengths available
  • Strips currently available with 30 or 60 LEDs per meter
  • Arduino compatible

Project with the digital RGB LED strip:


eBay: Digital LED strip (WS2812)
Amazon: Digital LED strip (WS2812)