Briefly introduced: Nokia 5110 Monochrome LCD module with 84×48 pixels

The LCD display which was originally used in the Nokia 5110 has indeed found a long time ago the way to a breakout board, but it is still simple useful for various microcontroller boards, because it can be relatively easily controlled and programmed.

Nokia 5110 Monochrome LCD module with 84x48 pixels

Nokia 5110 Monochrome LCD module with 84×48 pixels

It has, depending on the type or provider, 4 white or colored LEDs to illuminate the display even in the dark and with the resolution of 84 × 48 pixels it provides a large enough area for example, to display temperature and so on. In principle, it can also be powered with 5V, but this is not recommended.


  • LCD graphic display with 84×48 pixels
  • 3.3V operating voltage
  • LEDs for lighting
  • Arduino library available

Project with the Nokia 5110 LCD display:

Nokia 5110 LCD, an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V with 8MHz clock frequency


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